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B.Buildingbusiness —
Branding, visual identity design & art direction.

B.Buildingbusiness is a creative office, co working & event space.

With its 40.000 square meters and three buildings, B. Amsterdam is the biggest startup ecosystem in Europe. B. is a creative workspace for innovation, education and growth. By becoming part of the B. community, you get access to the right spaces, toolset, knowledge and social environment to improve your business in the best way possible.


For B. I was asked to restyle the previous identity and make it accessible, easy to use and consistent, but also inspiring and serving for its community. Investigating the current communication items led to redefining the strategic objectives of B. and creating a clear grid system and defining a pyramid of freedom (varying from corporate communication untill, content design, internal and external powerpoints, factsheets, event communication etc) gave me the tools to clear out the path of how the identity should be used.

Proof of concept was found by designing all sorts of visual communication and implementing it in the organisation. 

Most of the visual communication is still exactly in use as designed.

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